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5 easy ways to make your office feel like home

You probably got a decent workplace. But can anyone tell it’s your workplace? Is there anything there that screams you? Far too many entrepreneurs have cookie cutter offices that have only essentials, causing them to feel disconnected from their home life. That’s not what you want! So listen to this great advice: take the time to make your office feel like a home away from home.

Find some knickknacks

Knickknacks are cute, don’t take up much space, and make your office feel more like home. Love to go the beach? Add a beach scene snow globe to your desk or a jar full of seashells. You could also add fun office toys!

Decorate the walls

Your walls at home probably aren’t bare, so why should your office be any different? Add some fun artwork to your wall. And honestly, how cool would it be to hang this to your wall?

Play your favourite tunes

While you might not be able to really blast your favorite tunes, playing the music you love makes you feel like you’re sitting at home instead of working at the office. It boosts your mood and helps the work day more enjoyable. And if you play music through the Trobla, it’s a feast for both the eyes and ears.

Change the lighting

You don’t have to use the standard desk lamp, or even worse a, fluorescent light like many office buildings have. Bring in a stylish desk or floor lamp instead. It’ll make the space seem more like home. Plus, the softer lighting is easier on your eyes.

Spruce up your floor

Add a decorative rug to cover up boring carpet. Or use a funky floor mat under your desk chair to add some spice to hardwood floors. There are numerous designs to choose from. But if we could give some advice, get one with kittens on it.


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