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Sta Bureau Standaard – UPSTAA – Berken

Invest in your health and get yourself a standing desk converter from Upstaa. Change your position during the day and work while standing with this birch standing desk converter. A must-have for every (home) office!


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Easily to change your positions during your work day with the standing desk converter from Upstaa. Alternate between standing and sitting and improve your posture and boost your working performance. Upstaa is a smart design stand that has to be placed on an existing desk. Upstaa allows you to work standing up, as sitting too long can cause serious back and neck pains or overall health issues. This Upstaa is made of birch wood and is very easy to install. You don’t even need any screws or glue, just put the parts together and adjust the height to your preference.

This birch wood Upstaa is available in two sizes: size Normal and size XL. The XL version has a wider bottom plank, so you will have plenty of space for a keyboard, notebook and a cup of coffee. Both sizes come with a top-shelf of 35 x 25 cm to place a laptop or monitor on (max. 4 kg).


Upstaa is a Dutch company with its own workshop in a small town near Amsterdam. Here they produce, package and ship every Upstaa with utmost precision and care. They aim to be as sustainable as possible, carefully respecting people and the environment. They use only approved wood from managed and monitored forests and their packing material contains no plastic or PVC.


  • Verkrijgbaar in de maten: 57,5 x 38 x 80 cm (Normal) | 80 x 38 x 80 cm (XL)
  • Materiaal: birch
  • Draaggewicht: max. 4 kg
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57.5 x 38 x 80 cm (normal), 80 x 38 x 80 cm (XL)

Over het merk
Upstaa is een Nederlands bedrijf met een eigen werkplaats in een stadje nabij Amsterdam. Hier produceren, verpakken en verzenden ze elke Upstaa met uiterste precisie en passie. Ze streven ernaar zo duurzaam als mogelijk zijn, met respect voor mens en milieu. Upstaa gebruikt alleen goedgekeurd hout uit beheerde en gecontroleerde bossen en zelfs het verpakkingsmateriaal bevat geen plastic of PVC.

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