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Get Inspired | #WoodenAtHome

Set up a productive & stylish home office

For the vast majority of office employees, we spend half of our day working (considering 8h sleep). Being locked in a seated position for too long does no good to anyone. Health issues such as sciatica, and back or hip pain can arise from sitting for too long. Hours go by while you have been sitting in a slouchy position without noticing, eventually, a physiotherapist may help. But why not preventing? For this reason, it is crucial to create a comfortable and healthy working space at home or the office. To make these working days as enjoyable as possible, consider essential equipment that is ergonomic, durable and mood-boosting. With our handcrafted, wooden items, you can set up a productive yet cozy working space.

Buy desk organizers online

A cluttered desk can be a major obstacle. You waste precious time looking for lost documents or desk supplies and neglect the really important tasks. A clean workstation also inspires you to focus and work harder. Keep your desk organised with practical tools like the Oakyblocks desk organiser, a pen holder and the wireless charging pad for your smartphone. A monitor stand also elevates your monitor to an ergonomic position allowing as well to store elements underneath for a decluttered set-up. Create a well-organized workspace where you can work effectively in the most focused and structured manner possible.

Take your work to another level with a sit-stand desk

Literally, take your work to another level with our electric stand-up desks. Position your laptop or monitor at a perfect height with a standing desk or alternate your posture with a sit-stand desk. Did you know that working while standing can boost your energy by up to 20%? A sit-stand desk also has long-term health benefits and helps in the prevention of chronic diseases. These and other advantages make a height-adjustable desk a worthwhile investment for your workplace.

Work outdoors with the height-adjustable standing desk from Harmoni

Do you like to work outside when the temperatures rise? Then the wooden standing desk from Harmoni is perfect for you! With its practical carrying bag, you can take your beloved to-go office anywhere. A standing desk, or standing laptop riser is also a more affordable and flexible alternative to an electric standing desk. It can be placed on any desk or table to the desired height. Whether this is a kitchen table or somewhere abroad during remote working, a standing desk is a perfect solution for improvising a working setup anywhere you wish.

Increase your monitor height - and thus your productivity!

Invest in a high-quality, durable monitor stand so that your screen is always at eye level. This is easy on your neck and back and prevents annoying aches and pains. Right posture at the workplace is essential for a healthy and carefree life! And when you switch off your laptop after work, the vertical laptop stand is a great way to keep your workspace tidy and your laptop looking its best.

Health-friendly office accessories from Harmoni

The perfect addition to a height-adjustable desk or laptop risers, are the balance boards from Harmoni. The Harmoni Balance Board helps you to stay active while working. So you can burn extra calories at your desk and improve your balance! Alternatively, you can work in a safe standing position with the Harmoni Cork Standing Mat. The natural cork material provides excellent cushion, support and traction and helps to alleviate pressure on the feet and knee joints. Reducing any fatigue caused by standing for long periods.

Top equipped with office supplies from Oakywood

Oakywood is one of our favourite brands when it comes to office equipment. The Polish company focuses on environmentally friendly production and plants a tree with every product purchased. An absolute top seller is the felt & cork desk mat. The 2-in-1 headphone stand with wireless charger is also a very practical purchase for your home office! Browse through our Oakywood articles and get inspired for your office.

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One million trees by 2030

That's our goal! Because we care about giving back to nature. That's why we have been donating one per cent of our total sales to reforestation initiatives since 2017. Do nature a favour too - choose sustainable and durable designer pieces that will give you joy for a long time! Stay up to date on the topic of sustainability by following us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.
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