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Balkonbar – Classic Oak

Upgrade your balcony with the unique balcony bar (“Balkonbar” in Dutch) in Classic Oak! Use it as a bar or table on your balcony railing. This modern design takes up minimal space while adding a touch of nature. Choose from five different railings below. Which is perfect for your balcony?


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Having a cramped balcony is no longer an issue with the Balcony Bar (“Balkonbar” in Dutch). Use it as a bar, table or windowsill on your balcony railing. This versatile and innovative product takes up minimal space while adding a touch of nature to your balcony. Even more so, the timeless design is CO2 neutral because it is made of 100% sustainable oak. Install the Balkonbar within minutes and enjoy immediately. The balcony bar protrudes about 15 cm over your balcony railing at the front and back. This makes it perfect for small surfaces and balconies.

Please note: the Balkonbar is not strong enough to hold a person, neither is it the place for extremely heavy objects.

  • Rectangular railing (high or low): By tightening the butterfly nuts, the Balkonbar clamps firmly to the railing. The maximum dimension of the railing beam to which the Balcony Bar can be attached is 16.5 cm x 13 cm (w x h).
  • Round railing: This construction is flexibly attached to a round railing. Therefore, it allows to be attached to railings from 3.5 – 8 cm diameter (11 – 25 cm circumference). Simply measure the circumference of the railing by folding a piece of paper around the railing and then measuring it.
  • Walls: If you have a wall, this variant is very suitable. The construction clamps, as it were, between two brackets. The construction is suitable for walls with a width of 7 to 12.5 cm. Please note: The walls must be even.
  • Glass railing: The balcony bar can also be installed to a glass railing. This construction is tailor-made by Balkonbar and hugs the glass without damaging it, while holding a firm grip with the unique plastic clamps.

Going Green with Balkonbar

The multifunctional Balkonbar is designed and produced by the company that bears the same name. In 2015, two Dutch entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to brighten up balconies in Amsterdam. So, they decided to merge creativity with business. That’s how Balkonbar came to life. A product of nature that transforms your cramped balcony into your personal spacious outdoor bar. Since then, Balkonbar has made its way through the Netherlands and Europe. And did you know that the bar is ecologically friendly because it’s entirely made of oak wood? Going green has never been so easy!


  • Measurements Balkonbar: 90 x 30 cm
  • Measurements Railing: Straight (low) 0-5,5 cm x 0-16,5 cm | Straight (high) 5,5-13 cm x 0-16,5 cm | Round Ø 3,5 – 8 cm | Wall 7 cm – 12,5 cm | Glass 0-6 cm x 0-6 cm
  • Colour: Natural
  • Material: Oak wood | Iron
  • Included: Oak wood planks + brackets + mounting material + manual
  • Variation: Also available in a smaller size (mini)
Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 90 × 30 cm
Type of Railing

Rectangular (high), Rectangular (low), Round, Wall, Glass





Product type




About the brand
Balkonbar is a unique, social and sustainable company that allows you to get the most out of your balcony. Handcrafted, designed and produced in the Netherlands. Are you ready to add a touch of nature to your balcony?

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