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Stop. Hygge time!

Denmark is often said to be the happiest country in the world. That’s down to one thing: hygge. In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge. Friends and family – that’s hygge too. There’s nothing more hygge than sitting round a table, discussing the big and small things in life. The concept is all about creating comforting atmospheres and experiences.

The Danish are obsessed by light. Not only by candles, but light in general. Danes use twice as many candles as the rest of the world combined. They also use twice as many lamps as the rest of the world combined. Danes select lamps carefully and place them strategically to create soothing pools of light. It is an art form, a science, and an industry. The rule of thumb is: the lower the temperature of the light, the more hygge. A camera flash is around 5,500 Kelvin (K), fluorescent tubes are 5,000K, while sunsets and wood- and candle flames are about 1,800K. That is your hygge sweet spot.

“For instant hygge, all you have to do is light a candle. You may also want to switch on a lamp. But not one from Ikea.” – Meik Wiking, CEO The Happiness Research Institute.

The concept of powerful lighting is well understood by our lighting brands Good & Mojo and It’s all about RoMi. Their lighting collections are both unique and pure in their own ways, and will get you al ‘hygged up’. Have a look and create your own wonderfully cosy environment!

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