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Sunday Funday!

We can all agree that Sunday is actually the best day of the week. You can sleep in, have breakfast at noon and hang around in your pyjamas all day. Or you can get up early, have breakfast in the actual morning, and fill your day with all sorts of fun. Whether you decide to do absolutely nothing, or follow your sunday-schedule, some things can make your day just thát much better. Wooden things, mostly. So we picked the best sunday-stuff to get you going.

Enjoy your day!

Wooden Chopping Boards

Vind de serveerplank die bij jouw smaak en interieur past. Kies uit zes verschillende houtsoorten, stuk voor stuk van superieure kwaliteit. Van het lokaal verkregen lichte Esdoorn, tot het dieprood gekleurde Padouk uit West-Afrika. Welke houtsoort je ook kiest: deze snijplanken zijn gemaakt om jaren mee te gaan.
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Wooden smartphone amplifier

The Trobla design is unique and elegant. Every Trobla is hand-made, resulting in clear, intensified audio, wherever you are. All you need is your smartphone. Whether you’re listening to music or in need of a morning alarm: the acoustic amplifier is a feast for both the eyes and ears.
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LYFE Planter

Experience the future with the amazing LYFE Planter: a zero-gravity growing system allowing you to grow your favorite plants in mid-air. LYFE features a planter that hovers over an oak base through magnetic levitation!
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Wood & Marble Kitchen Utensils

Dassie Artisan offers unique, handmade, feel good homeware. The owners combine their collective experience as well as inspiration and knowledge gained on their global travels. Their brand is based on honesty, integrity and simply great design!
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