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Dassie Artisan Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

Kind to the earth

Dassie Artisan was launched in 2012 after the founders David and Roxi Zeeman moved to the UK. They found there was a lack of unique, handmade, feel good homeware available on the market. Combining their collective career experience as well as inspiration and knowledge gained on their global travels, they created a brand based on honesty, integrity and simply great design that inspires others to live well.

Draaj Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

From the heart

Karim Eharruyen, founder of DRAAJ, does not consider himself as a creator, but rather a discoverer of existing forms and structures. He does not want to impose a specific meaning, but just passes on what the earth already offers. Karim nurtures these stories with compassion and let them flourish in his objects. He works exclusively with sustainable timber, in an ancient saw mill in the city of Utrecht. With wood species that have grown up not too far away, because recycling materials often have rich stories to tell. And recycling reduces the impact of the production process on nature.

FLYTE Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

Set the light bulb free

We are a small team of creatives, engineers, designers and artists who met in Sweden. Our goal is to create intelligent and inspiring products with the absolute WOW factor.

With a background in branding, communication and product design, FLYTE creates products and experiences that captivate the imagination combining vintage design with innovative techniques.

Gingko Electronics Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

High-class, eco-friendly electronic gadgets

Gingko Electronics is a technology-centered and people-driven company. The company, formerly known as Gingko Eco Electronics, was founded in 2011 by Paul Sun with the objective of designing, manufacturing and selling high-class eco-friendly, stylish, functional and unique quality products for home and design-led gifts.

Good and Mojo Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

Back to sustainability

Good & Mojo only uses sustainable materials such as cork, recycled paper pulp, wood chips, eco-linen and bamboo in all its varieties for this unique lighting collection.

Good & Mojo supports the WakaWaka Foundation by donating 5% of every lamp they sell.
They are currently supporting the following projects:

Nepal Earthquake Aid
Safe Light for Nigeria
Refugees in Lebanon

It's About Romi Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

Realistic Open Minded Individuals

ONCE UPON A TIME … somewhere in a tiny attic RoMi was born. Nowadays they – as Realistic Open Minded Individuals – are based along the oldest canal in Amsterdam.

LEFF Amsterdam Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

Pursuit of functional beauty

LEFF Amsterdam are not artists, but they spend their lives in the pursuit of functional beauty. In the tradition of Dutch design, they believe concept is king. In everything they do, they strive to meet the highest possible standards. If that means changing the way things are done, so be it. They respect tradition, but challenge convention.

Natural Luxury Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

Makes your home more beautiful

Natural Luxury is a Dutch company specialized in home-accessories that are rooted in our nature. Natural Luxury is an importer and distributor, located in Elst – The Netherlands. Their philososophy is that what nature offers to us humans, nature itself is already beautiful in all of its purity and simplicity. Their business mission is to surprise the customer with beautiful new home-accessories.

Plantwear Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

We create beautiful things #lovewood

Plantwear was founded in mid 2013 when Wiktor Pryzyk decided to produce high quality Wooden Watches. They sourced wood that comes from Forest Stewardship Council approved suppliers and combined it with well-known components such as Miyota (Citizen) Quartz movements.

RAUW Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

Craftmanship. Precision. Passion.

Every product that leaves our studio is made, piece by piece, with love. We select the right materials, shave all materials by hand, we carve and polish our wooden covers. Within every stop in our production process there is great eye for detail. All products of Rauw have at least one thing in common: they are all created and shaped with great precision.

Scanwood Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

Danish design kitchenware

Scanwoods sustainably produced collection contains kitchenware of the highest quality of wood. All their products come from sustainable European sources. In contrary to other raw materials, wood is eco-friendly and has a zero-carbon oxide footprint.

Designed in Denmark. Made by nature.

Segment Denmark Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

We create unique, multifunctional designs

Segment Denmark is a Danish design brand. Our main focus is to create simple and minimalistic designs, combined with multifunctionality. All products from Segment Denmark are inspired by Nordic design traditions. Therefore, all the materials are carefully selected from FSC-certified materials. Denmark is an important part of our identity which is why every piece of design is made and packed in Denmark: to insure a high quality and the best experience for our customers.

Stuff Design Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

We are all about functional design

Stuff Design is a family run design company, located in Frederica, Denmark – with dealers, distributors and agents all around Europe.

The company is run by Randi and Jacob Klausen, who both share a passion for interior design, and a strong belief in creating design products that are both beautiful, functional and commercial.

TokTok Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

Personal furniture

TOK TOK is the sound we hear when we knock on wood. According to the old custom, knocking brings us luck and defends us from evil. It also awakens the good spirits living in the wood that will help us.

Tolhuijs Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

Design with a story

Every Tolhuijs item tells a story. It’s the story behind the production process where sustainability, rest material and social responsibility are combined with unique and modern design. Typical for Tolhuijs are playful, functional design objects with endless options to be customised.

TWO-O Logo on Wooden Amsterdam - 160x80

Design & Craftsmanship

In today’s modern world, progress is forever at odds with nature. At a time when society is constantly inundated with technological advancements, bridging the gap between sustainability and rapid development is a Herculean task. As our materialistic values are admittedly slow to change, the key is striking a balance between conservation and consumption. Rising to the challenge is TWO-O.

Wooden Amsterdam Logo - 160x80

Connecting lifestyle with nature

In 2016 we created our brand Wooden Amsterdam from our love for traditional wood craftsmanship and our hometown Amsterdam. Our product line varies from kitchenware to beautiful lasered decoration pieces for your home or office. We love using the symbols of Amsterdam in our designs and have an incredible eye for detail when it comes to execution. With a focus on sustainably sourced wood, we make sure to use the finest quality for every single product.

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