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Get Inspired | #WoodenAtHome

Buy sustainable lamps online at Wooden Amsterdam

Deciding to buy a lamp online can be overwhelming due to the massive options available. From size, material, what function it accomplishes and in which room of the house. At Wooden Amsterdam, we offer exclusively sustainable home or office lamps handcrafted with natural materials. Shop timeless lamps that last a lifetime with unique designs that are hard to find anywhere else online. Our lamps are made from sustainable and natural materials such as bamboo, linen or recycled metal. Each lamp tells a story and, because of their natural hues, they add a fresh touch of nature to every room in your home. Get inspired by the rustic metal lamps by Tolhuijs or amaze all your guests with the floating lamps by Flyte. The combination of sustainable, natural raw materials and stylish design make a design-worthy lamp that will last the rest of your life.

Unique sustainable lamps for at home

As you may have seen, many of our lamps are named after places around the world. The Kalimantan lamps, for example, are named after the Asian island of Borneo, called Kalimantan in Indonesia. The Bali lamps take their name from the Indonesian island of Bali, which is a very popular travel destination. The Cango lamps are dedicated to the Cango Caves in South Africa. With these collections, we pay tribute to the breath taking nature of our planet Earth and offer you the opportunity to integrate it into your home.  

Perfect imperfections

Whoever says sustainability, says Tolhuijs' lamps. Made entirely from discarded industrial materials such as old fencing and welding coils, these designer lamps are transformed into a unique design item within social workplaces such as prisons. The lamps are characterised by imperfections too, besides establishing an industrial look and feel, also make a statement. For example, the popular ANDY&BENDY lamp has a peculiar bend and is handcrafted, making each piece as unique as possible.

Floating lamps for a wow-factor

Amaze all your guests with Flyte's unique floating lamps. No desk or cabinet will be the same as these fascinating lamps. By means of magnets in the lamp and in the wooden base, the lamp remains floating and rotates by itself throughout the day. The light from these lamps sets a relaxing mood and is the perfect addition to your desk or coffee table. You simply cannot take your eyes off these too-crazy lamps but be careful not to get hypnotised.

Choose direct or indirect light

Choose from direct or indirect light with our range of Calex LED lamps. Are you looking for a light source for your lamp in the kitchen, above the table or in your reading corner? Then our golden dimmable LED lamps are ideal for an atmospheric space. The warm colour of the sparkling filament shining through the darkened glass makes your interior warm and cosy. Choose indirect light that sparkles on your ceiling with our CALEX mirror lamps. Especially in combination with Good&Mojo's ceiling and wall lamps, this is the eye-catcher of your interior. The reflection of the light in combination with the woven or braided pattern of the lamp creates a graceful, atmospheric light show on your wall or ceiling.

An eco-friendly lamp for every room

Every room deserves a fitting lamp to ensure the perfect mood, warmth and cosiness in your home. Choose an elegant floor lamp for the reading corner, a unique ceiling lamp for mood light in your living room, a functional wall lamp with cord and hand switch or even welcome your guests with warm light from our hanging lamps in your hallway. For small, accent lights we have beautiful table lamps that add to the right light at home. Browse through our different eco-fantastic lamp categories:  

Worldwide Shipping and 60 days return policy

We want our customers to have the best shopping experience possible. That's why we offer worldwide shipping and free shipping to the Netherlands. We make sure your order gets to you as quickly as possible - usually, your order arrives within 5 working days. After that, you have 60 days to return your order if it doesn't meet your expectations. Please read our return policy.

One million trees by 2030

That's our goal! Because we care about giving back to nature. That's why we have been donating one percent of our total sales to reforestation initiatives since 2017. Do nature a favour too - choose sustainable and durable designer pieces that will give you joy for a long time! Stay up to date on the topic of sustainability by following us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.
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