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Shop wooden Apple cases & accessoires at Wooden Amsterdam

Are you looking for stylish and durable protection for your Apple products? Our felt & washpapa, veneer, and wooden covers offer exactly what you need, whether you are looking for a soft sleeve for your Macbook or iPad, a sturdy wooden case for your AirPods, or a unique wooden sticker for your iPhone. Take a look at our assortment and choose the perfect sustainable Apple Cases & Accessories.

Sustainable cases made of natural materials

Oakywood's felt & washpapa Macbook and iPad covers are made of high-quality felt and offer excellent protection against scratches and bumps. Moreover, they are lightweight and easy to carry. These covers are also made of durable washpapa (washable paper) and are water-repellent and tear-resistant. The result is a stylish and eco-friendly sleeve that properly protects your laptop or tablet.

The Oakywood AirPods Case for AirPods 1,2,3 and pro is a beautifully designed and handmade accessory that provides protection for your AirPods. Made from high-quality wood, this minimalist and lightweight case not only reflects your individual style but also ensures the safety of your device. With a choice between oak and walnut, you can match your personal preferences and add a touch of nature to your everyday accessories.

Unique wooden stickers for your Apple products

If you're looking for something unique, then our collection of wooden stickers from RAUW is perfect for you. Made from high-quality veneer, these wooden stickers offer excellent protection against scratches and knocks. Each wooden sticker is unique because of the different patterns and grain of the wood, which will make your Apple product a real eye-catcher. The sticker protects the back or top of your iPhone and Macbook. Please note these are not cases that fully protect your phone.

Protect your Apple accessories with Balolo

Your Homepod and MagSafe charger are also safe with our range of wooden accessories. Take for example the MagSafe Puck from Balolo that keeps your MagSafe charger in place on your desk or nightstand. Also from Balolo is the wooden Tripod, which with its 3 legs lifts your Homepod up a bit to make it look more stylish in your room.

Whether you are looking for protection for your iPhone, MacBook, iPad, or other Apple products, our collection of Apple cases & accessories offers something for everyone. Moreover, our cases contribute to a more sustainable world, thanks to the use of natural and eco-friendly materials. Choose a cover that suits you and protects your Apple products in a stylish and sustainable way.
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