Since 2017 we have donated more than 10.000 trees, which absorb 3.350 metric tons of CO2 a year!

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So we decided to take our relationship to the next level. That’s why, from now on, we will be donating 1% of our total revenue to Trees for All.

Trees for All is a foundation and recognised charity. They invest the contributions they get for carbon dioxide compensation and the planting of trees, in the creation of new forests and the protection of existing ones. These projects provide extra income to the locals and contribute to the restoration of nature and the environment. Furthermore, Trees for All is the most experienced provider of carbon dioxide compensation in The Netherlands, and they have planted millions of trees and bushes already.

Since 2017, we have donated 10.000 trees, which absorb 3.350 tons of CO2 a year.

This equals:

The usage of 103.502 litres of diesel by a vehicle

Flying 2.270 times from Amsterdam to Paris by aeroplane

Travelling 5.191.346 km by train

Breathing for 442 years

Smart forest

Trees for All has been at work with their partner Sicirec in Bolivia since 2007. In this versatile project at the eastern foot of the Andes, reforestation, Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) and the capture of carbon dioxide are key. The combination of agriculture and forestry results in a climate-friendly use of land and for a better social-economic position for the farmers. The preservation and recovery of the environment improves soil fertility and so results in less erosion. An improvement of the biodiversity. And, of course, the fixation of carbon dioxide in newly landscaped plots.

Different suburbs

The project area in Bolivia extends across different suburbs in the departments of Beni, La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz.

Madidi National Park

Work is being done in the suburb that borders the Madidi National Park.


This area has a high number of tourists because of the beautiful mountain peaks of the Andes and the beauty of the subtropical jungles.


It’s the natural habitat of the black panther, tapir, caiman, ara and capybara.

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