60.000+ Trees planted since 2017

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Giving back to nature

We offer eco-conscious, timeless wooden products for marvellous homes and offices like yours. Despite being a small, local Dutch business we aim to inspire you all to connect your homes with nature while reducing carbon footprint and fighting climate change.

Our planet promise

We pledge to donate 1 million trees by 2030
through various tree-planting organisations.



From the start, we have fallen in love with the pure beauty that nature produces all by itself. We’ve looked at trees for inspiration and (literally) framed this in the Woodgrain Wall Art. We continue to be fascinated with their wisdom, communication and resilience. Nature sustains us, filters our CO2 and allows us to ground. It helps us connect with ourselves and each other.

So far, our planted trees have absorbed as much CO2 as the emission of 3,600,800 kilometres in an average diesel car, or 5,043 flights from Amsterdam to Paris.


We are advocates for preserving our forests and all their inhabitants. In 2017 we started supporting tree planting organisations Trees For All, Trees for the Future and Eden Reforestation Projects. With every order, a contribution is made to grow forests, help restore ecosystems, benefit local communities and fight climate change.

Through this, we have already planted 63360 trees.

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Our reforestation partners

Put your hands together for our Tree Planting Partners, who make great efforts to plant saplings in areas where they have the most impact.

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We currently work with unFootprint which helps businesses compensate for their CO2 emissions by planting trees through Trees For the Future. This non-profit organisation works with thousands of farmer families from five countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on implementing Forest Garden programs. For every order in our store, 1% of the revenue goes to this project.

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Together with lamp designer Good&Mojo, two trees are planted per 1 lamp purchased. Eden Reforestation Projects is behind reforestation projects all over the globe, such as in Africa, Indonesia and South America. This double-planting initiative resulted in 5.714 tree donations in 2021 alone.

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Trees for All is a Public Benefit Organisation that plants trees for life. From 2017-2020 we have made donations to the Trees for All Foundation. With our contribution, new forests and trees were planted in the Netherlands and abroad.

How we curate our brands & products

We select our brands and their products on their superior quality and sustainability. We ensure the brands align with our core values and also contribute to greening the planet. The brands and their products are always selected based on our Four Principles: durability, functionality, innovation and transparency.


We love nature. That’s why we’re looking beyond trees. We offer products with innovative materials, from bamboo woven lamps to cork sneakers and bags made of recycled plastics. We’re always looking for innovative products to complement our array.

High-quality materials from natural sources make a durable product. You can use our products for years on end. Some products we offer have certifications for their wood and natural materials. Other products may not, as certifications are costly for small woodworkers. All of our products are – in part or wholly – biodegradable at the end of their life. Make sure to check where you can dispose of the product or even reuse it in a creative way!

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We champion emerging and established creative artisans from all over the world. We offer woodworkers a platform on which they can sell their products on. We work with 23 workshops across 7 countries in Europe. The artisans have a knack for their craft, and most work in small studios.  Everything is made with a love for wood, nature and ingenious designs.

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