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Get crafty with this wooden pallet plaques DIY


Our deep-seeded love for wood goes beyond hooking you up with great products. We also love a good DIY project every now and then, starting off with these great DIY pallet plaques. They’re sort of a glorified clipboard made to look rustic and worn, and can be used to show off your photos or artwork. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Here’s what you’ll need for each plaque:

  • 1 piece of 1/2″ x 3″ x 36″ craft boards
  • 1 piece of 1/2″ x 2″ x 36″ craft board (you’ll only need about 16″ of the board for each plaque)
  • Wood Glue
  • Sander or sand paper
  • Chalk paint craft paint, or stain depending on the look you’re going for.
  • Bulldog Clips
  • Small 1/2″ – 3/4″ long screws
  • Saw (I simply used a handsaw to cut through the boards)
  • Jute rope | twine | ribbon | yarn to make a hanger for your pallet
  • Staple gun or tack to hold hanger onto back of pallet

And here’s how they come together:

  1. Using a saw, cut your 3″ board into three 12″ sections.
  2. Next, cut the 2″ board into 8″ sections (you’ll need two of these 8″ sections for each plaque).
  3. Using a hand sander or sandpaper, sand the edges and corners of all the pieces to create a worn look.
  4. Because I wanted to paint to look thin … almost like a stain with the wood grain showing through, I watered gray chalk paint down with equal parts water and paint before painting it onto each piece.
  5. After the paint has dried, simply place wood glue onto the back of each 2″ piece, and glue these to the three 3″ boards on the top and bottom as shown below.
  6. Allow the glue to dry, then create a jute hanger for your pallet.
  7. Cut a piece of jute (or twine/ribbon/yarn) and staple each side to the back of the plaque as shown. Don’t have a staple gun? You could simply use a thumb or small nail to secure the jute ends to the plaque.
  8. Next, attach your bulldog clip to the front of the plaque with a short screw.
  9. Hang your pictures, or create some festive artwork to display, and enjoy!
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