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BeWooden: stylish and unique accessoires

BeWooden started in 2013 as three friends from the Czech Republic who wanted to restore and preserve the beauty of old crafts. After the first wooden bow ties were born, their collection soon expanded with wooden wallets, wooden cufflinks and more. BeWooden’s dream is to enable gentlemen and ladies to express their uniqueness without words. And so they did.

A key principle of BeWooden production is that all products are handmade. With lots of patience, diligence, and importance to every detail they create a quality product out of a simple piece of wood. They guarantee this quality by providing a lifetime warranty for each of their beautiful products.

Every BeWooden product is original by itself – the person who wears it makes it unique. Every product tells a story. BeWooden is becoming a worldwide brand with more and more happy customers. And we can see why!

The whole production process takes place in the BeWooden woodshop, where their carpenter, Dan, precisely shapes the products to perfection. Seamstress Hanka then adds fabric, and Pavel connects the wood to leather. Wooden segments are carefully inserted into the body of silver cufflinks, creating a perfect masterpiece. During the whole production process they make sure everything looks and works as it is supposed to, and is ready for the shipment. By the end, everything is packed and shipped out. This way, BeWooden ensures only the highest quality of each product, and brings back the beauty of waning trades.

They treat wood well
All BeWooden products are made of top quality hardwoods, which were carefully chosen from excess wood from workshops in their region. They place emphasis on enviromental responsibility, and work with local tree species such as beech, oak, apple, walnut and poplar. BeWooden also works with exotic wood species, such as zebrano, merant and mahagony.

A special natural lacquer is applied to the wood, which protects it from saturation and minor wear and tear. At the same time, it preserves the unique texture of the wood, and maintains its beauty. The varnished wood is not affected by everyday wearing. The lacquer is naturally scent-free, therefore the products conserve their fresh, organic smell.

BeWooden bow ties
Very soon, you’ll find much more BeWooden accessoires at Wooden Amsterdam. For now, have your pick from their gorgeous wooden bow ties, which are not only very stylish but also comfortable and practical. Buttoning is fast, easy, and the bow ties are extremely lightweight, so you can enjoy each moment you are wearing one. Only admiring and curious glances will remind you that you have it on your neck. It is up to you if you choose it for a social event, or just for casual wear. For men ánd women!

BeWooden brand available at Wooden Amsterdam

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