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Meet the Wooden Amsterdam family

Did you know we’re actually a family business? It’s about time you meet the Wooden family!

Meet the family

It all started in 2016, when Wieger and his father Hans realised they wanted to do something with their shared passion for sustainable, wooden items. Wooden Amsterdam was born not before long and as soon as we started growing Meike joined the team. And with a little help from mother every now and then, our whole family is now part of the business.

Of course, we all have our own specialty. Wieger is a born entrepreneur and a specialist in online marketing. Hans is more traditional and a charming sales man. And Meike knows a lot about sustainability and nature and loves to write about it. She actually just started studying ‘Forest & Nature conservation’, so she will become our environmental expert! Supported by our marketeers, we make a very good team.

There is one thing we definitely all have in common: we love to talk about wood. You can imagine that for us, attending fairs is nothing but fun. Last week we showed our new collection at showUP, a Dutch trade show for home & gift.

Our latest collection of wood

Apart from classics like our own serving boards, fashionable accessories and Trobla, we also brought some new items. With the wooden world map being so popular, we decided to add both wooden city maps as well as decorative skylines and even a skyline clock to our collection.

Tell us, what is your favourite item?

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