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How to Set Up your Home Office

While the coronavirus is making more and more people to work from home we decided to guide you through setting up the perfect home office with, you’ve guessed it, wooden must-haves. Creating a good and healthy workspace is necessary to get work done because let’s face it – you won’t be as productive when working from your bed while still wearing sweatpants 😉

Step 1: Improve your posture
Enhance your posture and boost your working performance with a wooden laptop or monitor stand. Adapt to a new way of working and tidy up the workplace with a laptop or monitor stand handmade of solid oak wood from Oakywood.

Prefer standing over sitting behind your desk? Luckily, we offer a standing desk converter by Upstaa. Transform your usual desk into a desk that allows you to work standing up, as sitting too long can cause some serious health issues. The design makes it easy to change your position frequently during the day.

Step 2: Be ready and fully charged up
Working from home means having to catch up with co-workers or attending conference calls. With a wireless charging dock your phone, airpods and apple watch will be charged up while making your desk look put together and professional at the same time.

Step 3: Make yourself comfortable
Last but not least, pour a fresh cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable. A good workday starts with a clear mindset and organized workspace. Make sure to get some fresh air every now and then and don’t let that new series on Netflix distract you. We know it’s going to be a tough time but we’ll get through this, together!

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