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Bring nature into your home with wooden kitchen utensils

Are you planning on redecorating your kitchen? Or do you need to replace a few kitchen utensils? One of the biggest trends of today is to bring nature into the home through natural materials. And what better way than to use wood. Wood is a durable material that will last longer compared to the alternative options. For example, they are heat resistant (up to certain temperatures) which makes them an excellent choice for your kitchen. Adding wooden kitchen accessories will help create a warmer feeling full of charm, thanks to their one-of-a-kind and timeless design.

So let’s see how you can spruce up your kitchen with wooden utensils!

While preparing food

One of the most used tools in the kitchen are chopping boards. Common material options are plastic, rubber, wood and bamboo. When choosing a chopping board, you want to look for a material that is easy to clean and doesn’t damage your knives. Turns out that wood is the best choice. Did you know that wood has antibacterial properties? We do advise properly maintaining your wooden chopping boards to ensure they last a lifetime. Plus, you can store them on your kitchen counter and turn them into a decorative element. We wouldn’t recommend glass or stone like marble, since these can damage your kitchen knives. They are, however, perfect to use as a serving platter.

If you’re looking for other wooden kitchen tools, you can always opt for kitchen knives with a wooden handle or a wooden utensil holder. All great additions to your kitchen that are both practical and beautiful.

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To set the table

Cooking and eating take up a main part of our daily lives. But who says it’s only about the food? Your dinnerware and serve ware deserve some attention too. Using wood to set the table has become increasingly more popular recently. For example, wooden plates or bowls are a wonderful and unique way to present your food. Whether it’s for breakfast, appetizers or to serve a salad.

Wood is more environmentally friendly and durable than most materials. Rest assured that you will amaze all your dinner guests with your elegant and rustic tableware.

If you prefer to add some wooden accents to your table, consider wooden coasters. It’s a small detail that will prevent your table from getting ring stains while giving your table setting that extra special touch. Similarly, these sustainable Felt & Cork coasters provide a sleek yet minimalist finish to your table.

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At your next party

When hosting a party, you obviously want your guests to have a good time. That means serving them delicious foods and beverages. But why stop there? Surprise them with sophisticated serve ware too. Wooden trays, for instance, are perfect to elevate your food serving to a whole new level. Not only are they easy to carry around, but they also help keep your table clutter-free, and they can become a stunning centrepiece in every room.

Another stylish way to display dishes is serving boards. These wooden serving boards, for example, are practical and thanks to their unique design they also make for a great conversation starter. You can use one for cheeses, charcuterie or desserts. Or you can mix it up and create a stunning appetizer board with a variety of snacks and dips. Ready to amaze your party guests?

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