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14 tips for a more sustainable lifestyle from the Wooden Amsterdam team

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At Wooden Amsterdam, we are committed to sustainability. To combat climate change, we need to treat nature and the environment responsibly. Every little step makes a big difference. That is why we collect a lot of useful tips to inspire you to live a sustainable life. Read on and help us make a difference!

1. Choose second-hand clothes

Fast fashion has a huge impact on our planet. For example, did you know that it takes around 2,500 liters of water to make a cotton T-shirt? So it’s important to be more conscious about clothing and buy second-hand instead. There are several cool places where you can buy second-hand clothes in good condition, like the Waterlooplein market and the IJ-Hallen in Amsterdam. Or how about online apps like Vinted and Vestiaire Collective, where you can find lots of cute and original pieces. You’re not only saving money, you’re also helping the planet. Win-win!

2. Bring your own bag when you go shopping

A new plastic or paper bag every time you go shopping? No way! Just bring your own bag when you go out for groceries or a day of shopping in the city. This will save you money and a lot of waste, which is always nice.

By the way, are you the kind of person who always forgets to bring their bags? Try putting them somewhere visible like in your entrance hall, next to your bike or in the boot of your car.

3. Use the app Too Good To Go 

Every year, more than a third of all food is thrown away worldwide. This needs to change, according to the Danish company Too Good To Go. Thanks to their free mobile app, every day you can order surplus unsold food at a lower price. This is how we fight food waste together. In Amsterdam alone, you can choose from over 300 restaurants and supermarkets. Ready to start saving food?

4. Reduce impulse buying

We enjoy buying new things, even if we don’t always need them. Especially when brands tempt us with discounts, we all too easily turn to impulse purchases. It’s important to be aware of this. Ask yourself: do I really need this? Can I borrow it or maybe buy it second-hand? Soon enough, you’ll notice that you have more money left for more important things. Also, a clean and clutter-free home allows for a more peaceful mind.

5. Drink tap water

Tap water is extremely healthy. Moreover, you save a lot of money and waste when you drink tap water. Bottled water costs around 150 to 500 times more. So make sure to use a refillable bottle. In many cities like Amsterdam, you’ll find public taps to refill your own bottle. That way, you’ll never run out. Do you prefer drinking water with fizz or a flavour? Try using a SodaStream to make your own soft drink.

6. Travel consciously

Discovering new places, meeting new people, trying new dishes. Is it obvious that we love to travel? When you want to go on holiday, it’s best to be conscious about it. Why not plan a trip to your own country, for instance. This is not only more sustainable but also a lot cheaper. Or take the train instead of the plane. With an Interrail Pass, for example, you can travel around Europe very flexibly.

7. Digitalise your documents

Invoices, important letters, receipts … You quickly lose track of all that paperwork. Fortunately, there are apps that make it easy to scan important documents and save them digitally, such as Adobe Scan. This way you reduce your paper pile and you can access your documents anytime, anywhere. Do you still receive certain documents by post? Then ask the sender to send these by email.

8. Eat less meat

You probably already know this, but meat has a big impact on the environment. So it’s a good idea to replace your portion of meat with an alternative from time to time. Think of meat substitutes, tofu, tempeh, falafel … The possibilities are endless and oh-so-tasty! By the way, cutting out meat altogether reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 30%. And real badasses can give up animal products completely. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.

9. Grow butterfly- and bee-friendly plants

Butterfly- and bee-friendly plants not only look beautiful in your garden or on your terrace but also create a stimulating environment for butterflies and bees. Online, you’ll find many tips for choosing the right plants. For example, butterflies love purple and lilac flowers. Bees are happy with catmint, bergamot and bugbane. Add a nice insect hotel to your garden so that insects have shelter and can reproduce naturally.

10. Create a weekly meal plan

What are we going to eat tonight? Sometimes it’s hard to find any inspiration to make recipes. A weekly meal plan is a way to go. You don’t have to think about what to prepare, but you can still shift days if you don’t feel like eating whatever’s on the menu that day. Thanks to a meal plan, you also know exactly what you need to buy to prepare your dishes. So you avoid impulse purchases and reduce food waste. Moreover, you can easily vary dishes which are also nice and healthy for you.

11. Choose local and seasonal

Local and seasonal food, isn’t that boring? Not at all! Because every season brings different tasty flavours. By being conscious about your food, you reduce your carbon footprint. It also makes it all a lot cheaper, healthier and more varied. And besides, you always have something to look forward to every season. Definitely hang a seasonal calendar in your kitchen for inspiration.

12. Conscious in the bathroom

Your bathroom is a great place to make ecological changes. For example, you can replace your shampoo and shower gel bottles with packaging-free alternatives. Or how about a reusable razor? That will save you a lot of waste in the long run. Also, opt for a water-saving shower head. You’ll feel the difference in your wallet without sacrificing comfort.

13. Make your own cleaning products

Did you know that making your own cleaning products isn’t that difficult? For example, you can make laundry detergent by dissolving flakes of marseille soap in warm water. For your white laundry, all you have to do is add baking soda. Homemade cleaning products work just as well as standard products from the shop, but are a lot cheaper.

14. Buy sustainable products

You can make an ecological difference with your interior too. Choose furniture and accessories that are timeless, don’t wear out quickly and are made from eco-friendly materials and under good working conditions.
At Wooden Amsterdam you’ll find such sustainable products. And by buying from us, you also give something back to nature: 1% of our turnover goes to tree-planting organisation Trees for the Future. Some of our brands, such as Good&Mojo, also plant trees with every order. What are you waiting for?

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