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Breakfast tray

Elevate mornings with the Wooden Amsterdam Foldable Tray—a practical masterpiece. Designed for breakfast in bed, its foldable legs ensure stability and comfort. Impeccably crafted from oak or European walnut, each tray is a unique work of art. Stylish and versatile, it seamlessly complements your decor, folding discreetly when not in use.

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  • Medium package
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    This product plants 4.13 trees with Trees for the Future

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A Practical Masterpiece

This tray is specially designed to elevate your breakfast in bed experience. With its convenient foldable legs, you can easily transform the tray into a sturdy and stable table. No more wobbly plates, no more crumbs. Now, you can enjoy your breakfast in peace and comfort, without worrying about awkward positions or uncomfortable situations. The tray provides the perfect support for a relaxed start to your day.

Craftsmanship in Wood

At Wooden Amsterdam, craftsmanship and quality take precedence. This tray is made from high-quality oak or European walnut wood, with attention to detail and precision. The wood exudes warmth and natural beauty, making it a feast for the eyes. Each tray is handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen, ensuring that each piece is a unique work of art. With this tray, you not only bring a functional product into your home but also a piece of craftsmanship and character.

Relaxation and Pleasure

With the Wooden Amsterdam Foldable Tray, you can immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and pleasure. Treat yourself to a delicious breakfast in bed, served in an elegant and practical manner. The tray provides ample space for fresh croissants, fresh orange juice, fresh fruit, and your favorite book or magazine. It creates the perfect setting to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy precious moments of peace and indulgence.

Stylish and Versatile

This tray is not only functional, but it also adds a touch of style and elegance to your bedroom interior. The natural wood and refined finish make this tray a beautiful decorative piece. When not in use, you can easily fold and store the tray. It takes up minimal space and blends perfectly with any decor.


  • Foldable legs for easy transformation into a table
  • Made of high-quality oak or European walnut wood
  • Provides sturdy and stable support for breakfast in bed
  • Easy to fold and store, takes up minimal space
  • Expertly designed in the Netherlands, sustainably produced in Ukraine
Dimensions 48 × 30 × 5 cm

Oak, Walnut


Wooden Amsterdam

In 2016 we created our brand Wooden Amsterdam from our love for traditional wood craftsmanship and our hometown Amsterdam. Our product line varies from kitchenware to beautiful lasered decoration pieces for your home or office. We love using the symbols of Amsterdam in our designs and have an incredible eye for detail when it comes to execution. With a focus on sustainably sourced wood, we make sure to use the finest quality for every single product.

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