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Wireless Charger & Phone Stand – Flamed Oak

Your ultimate daily assistant, the Halo stand allows you to multitask with your phone while it’s charging! This wireless charger is a one-of-a-kind gadget made for environmentally conscious people.

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    Qi Wireless Charger 10W – Oak


The Halo stand is the first wireless charger that allows you to multitask with your phone while it’s charging! Call it the ultimate assistant during daily tasks, multitasking has never been easier. Innovative technology makes the phone stick to a silicone ring with a million little, clean suction cups, that holds your phone in its place. To use the Halo stand you just push your phone onto the suction pad to stick and twist slightly to remove so it will ensure a stronger grip and longer durability of the silicone ring. Adjust your stand with 3 multiple angles: 30° 60° and 90° degrees.

The trendy wireless charging technology is the ultimate and easiest way to charge your phone. No more messy wires around you, this little gadget will both keep your phone charged and be a decorative item in your interior! The flamed oak wood base comes in a geometric shape and with a rubber pad underneath so your stand will not move an inch while standing on your desk or nightstand.

Please note: Check if your phone supports wireless charging.


  • Material: flamed oak | metal | silicone
  • Colour: flamed oak
  • Capacity: 10W
  • Qi Wireless compatibility: iPhone 8 (plus), X(s), Xs Max, Xr | Samsung Galaxy S series | Google pixel 3 (XL) | All other Qi-enabled devices
  • Included: 1 magnetic micro-USB cable | 1 x Anti-slip pad | power LED lights indicating if your phone is charging or not | gift packaging (also greeting card) | 1 x washing sponge | instructions

Flamed oak

About the brand
HALO is a company based in Latvia that started by a group of ambitious young people, whose main goal is to combine elegance and simplicity of natural materials to improve daily life experience. They added ​a ​real ​value ​by ​developed ​something ​that ​finally gave ​an ​answer ​to their ​question ​- ​"What ​was ​missing ​here ​to satisfy ​our ​professional ​ambitions?". ​And ​the ​the ​answer was ​"HALO". Halo wooden phone holders and wireless chargers are one-of-a-kind gadgets made for the environmentally concious people.

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